Software Evaluation and Analysis

As digital consultants and analysts with over 20 years experience evaluating software platforms we provide objective and informed feedback on tools providing storage, workflow / productivity, marketing, product management and creative capabilities.

We can also carry out the 10 Core Characteristics of Digital Asset Management (DAM) Accreditation on DAM vendors to assess core functionality and assess that vendors are fit for purpose.

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Software evaluation is our bread and butter, we sit through hundreds of hours of product demos a year, keeping abreast with innovation across the technology industry. We have long realised the importance of data and specifically metadata in describing and managing digital media across platforms and tools.

Digital Asset Management is a metadata engine, it is our main area of expertise and the method we support for managing content, people, metadata and all other digital activities. Regardless of the size of your company or your level of expertise, our input can help you to make the right software and strategic decisions.

We utilise our extensive experience, impartial knowledge of the technology industry and content-focused software platforms alongside a range of tools, documentation and data-driven insights to carry out in-depth software evaluations on your behalf.


IQ Equity are the custodians of the 10 Core Characteristics of Digital Asset Management accreditation process, an industry standard which remains the only metric-based method to assess core DAM functionality.

More recently our knowledge and the data we have gathered on DAM, other software platforms and digital strategy has been used to develop the Codified DAM Consultant™, a licensable product that we use to both carry out deeper vendor evaluations but also provide to our clients to do this for themselves.

Only 10 Core Accredited vendors appear in the Codified DAM Consultant™ database, ensuring that all the vendors we recommend are fit for purpose.

We are able to carry out such evaluations on request or as part of a wider consultation package where we have a full service offer.