Digital Strategy

We offer a range of services around digital strategy.

This includes the delivery of existing and bespoke documentation, advisory phone calls, on-site consultation and via tools available on the Codified DAM Consultant™.

We will help you to build a strategy where you fully utilise people, information, systems and processes and advise you on how best to realise the strategy and deliver on your goals.

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Huge enterprises and small companies alike fail at software implementation because they don’t construct a proper strategy for digital change.

The software itself is only one part, organisation-wide considerations must be made, research must be carried out, data must be properly utilised and infrastructure must be put in place.

Our experience of digital consultancy, guiding an array of companies from a wide range of verticals provides us with the insight to help build strategies which can guide and help to successfully implement DAM and other software.

We can provide strategic advice via advisory calls, the provision of bespoke documentation or as part of a wider consultation package where we have a full service offer.


Digital strategy involves people, information, processes and systems, it must be started from the bottom up and plenty of time must be given to ensure its success.

We have distilled the essential steps you must take into the 6 Steps to DAM Success, a strategy building resource which is provided through the Codified DAM Consultant™ and used by IQ Equity to structure our full consultation package:

    A broad assessment of gaps in knowledge and the utilisation of digital platforms covering people, information, processes and systems.

    A deep dive to discover the actual people, information, processes and systems that your company has and their current state.

    Discovering and aligning the wants and needs of your stakeholders.

    Adapting governance policies and working practices to prepare your company for an ever-changing digital landscape.

    Mapping your requirements to real world scenarios.

    Creating a shortlist of vendors which fulfill most of your requirements to be evaluated via your Use Cases.

The 6 Steps ensures that your strategy considers all the relevant data and leaves no stone unturned. It looks at the broad digital landscape within your company, and how your systems are linked together with processes and metadata.

Perhaps most importantly it identifies the key stakeholders in your company who will help to shape and drive the strategy. Every digital strategy is different, incorporates company-specific considerations / business requirements and is subject to continuous change throughout its delivery.

As such be assured that a range of other services and requests can be made, and will be delivered as part of our full service package.