Digital Governance

Governance can be overlooked in digital transformation projects.

We will help you to develop data governance, set up rights, roles and permissions and adapt your organisation’s governances policies to changing digital practices.

We realise that it is important to provide a policy framework to ensure that stakeholders in the organisation understand how changes to digital content delivery will impact on their work

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Digital Governance forms part of building a digital strategy and is included in both our digital strategy services and is one of the 6 Steps to DAM Success, a strategy-building tool found on The DAM Playbook.

We offer digital governance as a separate service due to its relative complexity and the fact that digital governance is largely specific to each company’s needs.

We deliver digital governance as an end-to-end service, carrying out extensive research from the bottom up before establishing the best ways to implement governance from the top-down.

We have extensive documentation on a range of subjects which impact digital governance. We can also offer advisory calls and the production of bespoke documentation, reports and analyses.


The development of governance policies revolves around the following questions:

What does DAM Governance cover?

We outline the key areas that governance policies impact in the business, these include: administration, maintenance, support, roles and permissions and best practice / guidelines and how these areas are currently managed within your company.

Who does the DAM serve?

We focus in on the people who use, manage and administer the DAM system, how the DAM is currently run and where efficiency can be improved. Top-down decisions made on DAM systems and DAM governance can have negative impacts on user buy-in as they don’t consider the end-user perspective. This is why we conduct interviews, surveys and other fact-finding exercises to engage with stakeholders and identify existing governance structures from the bottom up.

Why does DAM Governance need to change?

We look at pain points and bottlenecks which are hindering the success of the DAM system and your overall productivity. We cover areas such as rights management and change management – subjects which need to be approached with care but are essential to improving digital operations. Where possible we identify quick-wins and efficiency savings which can be made through adapting governance policies.

How will changes to DAM Governance be achieved?

Gathering together all of this information, we will advise you on the best ways to implement and enforce governance policies, and construct bespoke documentation to support this. We adapt existing organisational governance policies to better reflect DAM usage and advise companies on what they need to do to maintain a well governed digital architecture. This includes advising on long-term cultural changes to ensure ongoing success and achieve the desired future state.