Data Services

Our approach is data-driven; we offer services around metadata, taxonomy and controlled vocabularies, including data strategy, semantic markup and global taxonomy development.

We combine industry knowledge with data science to deliver bespoke reports and analyses to clients, based on organisational data, client / customer surveys and information from the Codified DAM Consultant™ database.

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We have a number of data services on offer:

Data Strategy

Metadata is at the core of all digital operations and should be a main focus for any digital transformation projects. Our mantra is that any data which describes or informs within a digital environment is metadata, and that DAM’s role as a metadata engine is what makes it a powerful tool for the management of content, people, processes and systems. You can have the best software in the world but without the metadata structures to support its usage, administer, guide and identify, the software is essentially useless. We can help you to build strategy which better manages and utilises data. We can provide advice on topics such as global taxonomy / controlled vocabulary development, rights data management, knowledge transfer and data integrity. We can also help you to

Global Taxonomy / Controlled Vocabulary Development

A global taxonomy and controlled vocabulary is essential for businesses who want to ensure consistency, prevent misuse & rights violations, automate workflow, manage role and permissions and a whole host of other considerations. We can help you to harmonise your taxonomies and controlled vocabularies, strip out unnecessary metacrap and build a unified, global taxonomy and controlled vocabulary.

Metadata Mapping

A global taxonomy and controlled vocabulary forms the basis of consistent and relevant metadata mapping in your organisation. Following global taxonomy development it is necessary to map metadata values to your content accordingly.

IQ Equity will take the last three months content, map and harmonise it to your global taxonomy and controlled vocabulary and demonstrate the to be situation with your DAM in the process. This forms part of the Proof of Concept service where we will take your metadata and taxonomy and map it to a subset of your assets using a DAM system of your choice.

We can provide full repository mapping as part of a wider consultation package where we have a full service offer.

Semantic Markup

The Linked Open Data web was envisioned by Tim Berners-Lee: a grand vision where all knowledge (data) is shared and machines are used to interpret and analyse that knowledge in ways scarcely possible by human efforts alone. Part of realising this vision is marking up assets semantically, so that the data can be interpreted through machine-to-machine communication.

Companies looking to get themselves to the top of search results, become the trusted source on a given topic or simply to future proof the business in an increasingly data-centric world should be looking into semantic markup.

We follow the FAIR Guiding Principles for scientific data management and stewardship, and as such strive to make sure that data is Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable.

We can help your business to adopt the FAIR guiding principles, map your metadata semantically and set up automations to facilitate machine-to-machine knowledge transfer.

Data Science / Business Intelligence

Metadata also forms the basis of analysing a systems success through analytics / insights. We have experience working with big data, offering data science insights which relate global, system data with asset usage and user behaviour.

We use a range of analytical tools to produce deep insights into business data.

We can develop surveys, reports, analyses and visualisations as part of the service.