Content Strategy

To produce rich content effectively you require an enterprise-wide data vision and a system to manage it.

We will guide you on methods to create relationships, collaborate, reuse and repurpose content to the level required.

By properly utilising people, information, systems and processes, the delivery of content can be centralised and silos removed.

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Formerly the common wisdom was that everyone is a marketer, a viewpoint which seems apt in the age of twitter and instagram, where individuals seek to market themselves to the world. Fuelled by handheld devices and catalysed by social media, marketing has become ever more personalised.

Times have changed, everyone not only seeks to market themselves but also to create a constant stream of content, so maybe now content is king. The difference is that companies don’t have a content department, unlike marketing there is little cross-silo collaboration or management of the entire content lifecycle.

A major consequence of this is that companies struggle to create smart content; content which doesn’t exist in isolation, that is made rich and meaningful by assigning data and creating relationships for cross-departmental collaboration.

We can help you to build strategy with content at the core, covering issues such as rights management, deduplication, customer engagement, creative workflows, brand guidelines and asset retention / disposal.

We can provide strategic advice via advisory calls, the provision of bespoke documentation or as part of a wider consultation package where we have a full service offer.