Codified DAM Consultant™

Codified DAM Consultant™ is a resource which guides users through a strategic process and ensures that they make informed decisions on DAM software.

It is a combination of metrics, documentations and tools which help the user to build an effective DAM strategy, compare vendors side by side and learn about all aspects of DAM.

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Codified DAM Consultant™ is a metric-based tool which can be used to configure, build, understand and deliver a digital strategy.

It allows you to make evaluations of your own company in terms of digital maturity and resources, develop governance policies and strategies, build and map use case scenarios to vendor capabilities and deliver an in depth report on the suitability of industry-leading vendors to your specific requirements.

Codified DAM Consultant™ can fulfill part of the role of the consultant, providing impartial industry knowledge, strategic advice and data-driven insights, saving you hundreds if not thousands of man hours in research an evaluation.

Vendor Reports

Using the Codified DAM Consultant™ we have carried out detailed analyses on 10 Core Accredited vendors. We can provide reports which contain technical and functional data as well as customer feedback, suitability for particular verticals, pricing, cloud proficiency and a range of other measurements.

Maturity Model Analyses

Thousands of DAM users from a range of verticals have carried out maturity model assessments on their company. We can provide industry / vertical specific analyses and feedback on how your company stacks up against respondents in terms of digital maturity.